Faxes Not Being ReceivedThe PAS portal is fully functional at this time; however, our main fax line is under investigation for a potential outage. If you typically fax us documentation, you may send to our alternate fax line 866-284-3448 until further notice. Deepest apologies for this inconvenience.

Contact Us

For questions or help with using any of the tools available on this workbench, please contact R1 Support using the following methods:

Physician Advisory Services Support


Support:(877) 411-5531


LOC/PPTP/CSR Support:passupport@r1rcm.com
PAS Appeals Support :appeals@r1rcm.com


LOC Fax:(855) 5-PASLOC (855-572-7562)
FLR Fax:(855) 572-7778
PPTP Fax:(855) 572-7562
Appeals Fax:(855) 572-7332